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PaLATE: Pavement Life-cycle Assessment Tool for Environmental and Economic Effects 
PaLATE is an Excel-based tool for life-cycle assessment (LCA) of environmental and economic effects of pavements and roads. The tool takes user input for the design, initial construction, maintenance, equipment use, and costs for a roadway, and provides outputs for the life-cycle environmental effects and costs.

E-COMMUTair - The Telework Impact Estimation Tool
This JavaScript-based decision support tool was created for analyzing the environmental and economic impacts of telework (telecommuting) over a set of likely parameters and scenarios, exposing crucial system components and sensitivities. It is expected that the analysis provided by this web tool will enable commuters, employees, company managers, and regulators to gain a better understanding of environmental effects related to telework.
Currently only supported in Internet Explorer, versions 4.0 and later

A web tool for using the Carnegie Mellon University Equivalent Toxicity (CMU-ET) method

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