Ongoing Focus Areas

Environmental Value Systems Analysys (EnV-S): Design for Environment in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Analyzing cost, performance and environmental impacts of systems in semiconductor manufacturing. Development of design and decision support tools to enable environmental issues to be incorporated upstream in semiconductor equipment product development cycles. 

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Electronics Recycling and End-of-Life Management

Development of Design for Recycling Tools for computer equipment.  Analysis of supply chain and operations management issues associated with computer demanufacturing and recycling.  Human health impacts of electronics disposal.

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Environmental Impacts of Telework

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Software Tools

Environmental Supply Chain Management

Environmental Supply Chain Management (ESCM) in the computer industry.

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Human Health
  • Liquid fuels production from agricultural residues
  • Toxicology
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Industrial Ecology
  • Materials flows 
  • Supply chain assessment

Internet Economy

Examination of beneficial substitution of services for products. Ongoing research collaboration with the Network for Energy, Environment, Efficiency and the Information Economy.

Life Cycle Assessment
  • Economic input-output analysis-based LCA 
  • Hybrid LCA models
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Service Industries
  • Environmental implications of the service industries
  • Telecommunications

Sustainable Infrastructure
  • Construction processes 
  • Materials
  • Extended Producer Responsibility 
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