Chad White , Ph.D. '07, Energy and Resources Group

Cristiano Facanha , Ph.D. '06, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Consultant, ICF International, San Francisco

Susan Fischer, Ph.D. '06, Public Health
Science, Technology & Health Policy Advisor, Office of the Chair, California Air Resources Board

Garvin Heath, Ph.D. '06, Energy and Resources Group
Integral Consulting, Colorado

Julian Marshall, Ph.D. '05, Energy and Resources Group
Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Minnesota

Michael Toffel, Ph.D. '05, Haas School of Business
Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School

Jennifer Stokes , Ph.D., '04, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Postdoctoral Researcher, UC Berkeley

Eric Masanet, Ph.D., '04, Mechanical Engineering
Researcher, Industrial Energy Analysis, Environmental Energy Technologies Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Matthew Dubberly , M.S., '04, Mechanical Engineering
Professional Cyclist

Angela Guggemos, Ph.D., '03, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Assistant Professor, Department of Construction Management,
Colorado State University

Nikhil Krishnan, Ph.D., '03, Mechanical Engineering
Columbia University

Sergio Pacca, Ph.D., '03, Energy and Resources Group
Assistant Professor, University of Sao Paolo, Brazil

Jaoquin Rosales Gomez, M.S., '03, Mechanical Engineering

Peter Broomes, M.S., '03, Mechanical Engineering
Merck, Philadelphia, PA

Uday Ayyagari, M.S., '03, Mechanical Engineering

Erasmia Kitou, Ph.D. '02, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Climate Change, Energy and Ozone Unit, Environment Directorate, European Commission, Brussels

Jon Creyts, Ph.D. '00, Mechanical Engineering 
McKinsey & Company, Houston, TX

Sara Thurwachter, Ph.D. '00, Mechanical Engineering
McKinsey & Company, San Francisco, CA

Diana Bauer, Ph.D. '99, Mechanical Engineering
Office of Research and Development, National Center for Environmental Research, US Environmental Protection Agency

Sudarshan Siddhaye, Ph.D. '99, Mechanical Engineering
Onward Inc., Mountain View, CA 

Tse-Sung Wu, Post-Doctoral Researcher '99
Genentech Inc., Corporate Environment, Health & Safety
South San Francisco, CA

Vaibhav Domkundwar, M.S. '98 

Derek Bennett, Ph.D. '98, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research

Edgar Hertwich, Ph.D. '99, Energy and Resources Group
Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Paul Worhach, Ph.D. '97, Mechanical Engineering  
Nexant, San Francisco, CA 

Johnny Sutanto, M.S. '96

James Mattis, M.S. '96, Mechanical Engineering and Economics
Mechanical Engineering, MIT

Mukund Srinivasan, Ph.D. '96, Mechanical Engineering
Lam Research Corporation, Fremont, California

Barron Willis III, M.S. '95
Intel Corporation, Washington

Prasad Gune, M.S. '95
Bain Consulting, San Francisco, California

Anthony Munoz, M.S. '94
Hughes Space and Comm. Group, El Segundo, CA

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